The reason why customers choose our services

Whitening Net is a original product, it started as part of the beauty industry and reached out to other industries like sports gyms and as part of welfare programs in many industries. Whitening Net awaked increasing demand and needs of teeth whitening in Japan.
Our services are being implemented in all type of salon.
Understanding of the customers and market has become our collective idea.

Implemented in more than 4,000 salons in all over JAPAN, and is increasing ave 150 monthly. Whitening Net is a pioneer, and market leader.
There are many regions that are not aware on the importance of dental / oral care. We believe we can expand our vision and business to other countries from Japan. By responding to customer needs, we aim to challenge ourselves to gain trust and assessments. Thus, we create a new era by contributing to market.
We now inform you of our new innovative business for prosperity of all the salons.

Merits / How to startup

Do you have any concerns such as….

  • *Finding different / profitable salon business
  • *New service in addition to your existing menu
  • *Efficiently use of unused space in the salon

Your concerns can be solved with us!

  • Reason 1

    Simple implementation

    Our tooth whitening service does not require significant additional investments. Just simply implement our equipment, and you can start-up new business with our trending service.
    Our products are all secured and safe as beauty items.
    They are developed under professional dentist guidance and registered under cosmetics.
    LED Light that does not emit ultraviolet light, it is verified by the third-party inspection agency.

  • Reason 2

    Operate in a very small space

    Our service enables you to start your business at low costs and maintain without special therapists.

  • Reason 3

    Applicable to a variety of salon Type

    Hair, SPA, Nail, Eyelash, Hair removal, Relaxation massage, Beauty salons, Orthopedics, Corporate welfares. Whichever segment you are in, simply implement to expand your offerings and differentiate among others.

  • Reason 4

    High profits because it's a self operation service!


  • Reason 5

    A safe customer support structure

    We have a fully active and developed support structure, allowing anyone to safely operate his/her business in the long-run.

  • Reason 6

    Consumer selling products

    Exclusive whitening tooth paste and treatment of [BIHAKU] series can be sold at your salon as your merchandising items.

Type of our customer

  • Hair salon

  • SPA

  • Nail salon

  • Eyelash salon

  • Sport gyms

  • Specialty stores

  • Company (Welfare)

Installment steps

  • 01

    Contac us

    Email : To Contact Form     
    Tel : +65-6557-0909

  • 02

    Set a trial session

    We will schedule trial via telephone or email based on your available dates.

  • 03

    Trials / Instructions

    You can directory come to our show room for trial and we explain details.

  • 04

    Financial support

    We have a financial leasing partner as well according to your needs.

  • 05

    Purchase Order

  • 06


  • 07

    Delivery and training date

    We confirm you according to your availability for the schedule of installment and initial training for your staff via email or phone.

  • 08

    Product delivery / Training

    Representative will visit you to have an installment and staff training session on fixed date.

  • 09

    Start business

    You can create your own service menu for self-tooth whitening treatment and start the business.

Our startup programs are reliable
because we are pioneer in our respective fields.

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